The Orderly Plays Bats

In March we took The Orderly to BATS theatre in Wellington as part of the city’s Fringe Festival. It was our first tour out of Auckland and it proved to be worth our while.

The critical response was extremely positive; The Dom post called it “a welcome injection of professionalism into the Fringe Festival” and Capital Times said it was “ solo theatre as it should be.” As a result Radio New Zealand has decided to adapt The Orderly for radio. We expect it to go to air early next year.

It was the third season since its premiere in March 2006 and it’s come a long way since then. After each season we have always done a debrief to discuss what worked, what didn’t work and what could work better. Michael then goes to a place of solitude and trim, rewrite and cut the script where necessary. The Orderly as it stands now is therefore leaner and meaner than ever.

On March 21 we were invited to present The Orderly at PANNZ – New Zealand’s only performing arts market. It was a chance to pitch the play to both national and international venues and festivals. The competition was fierce as we presented alongside companies such as Black Grace, Auckland Theatre Company, The Silo and Taki Rua. At 14.15 with nothing to lose and everything to win we took a deep breath and dived into a cold (the air con had been on full for the entire day) conference room, where tired representatives for venues and festivals awaited. And what can we say but… we rocked the house! The trailer cracked up the entire audience (no mean feat since they’d been listening to pitches all day) and Michael demanded their full attention as he performed an excerpt from the play. We now hope to get The Orderly on the festival circuit and judging by the initial response chances are good that The Rebel Alliance will go on the road.

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