The Orderly

Hospitals are Battlefields

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Enter the fringe world of medieval re-enactment and meet Peter – orderly during the week, ferocious warrior in the weekend. As he prepares for the weekend’s big battle against the notorious Vikings a friend in need changes his life. Time flickers, empty hospital wards turn into long forgotten battlefields, everybody fights for their lives
Inspired by the real life of an Auckland hospital orderly, who died in 2003, The Orderly takes you into the very heart of one of life’s foot soldiers. The play is written and performed by Michael Downey who takes on all parts; ranging from the gorgeous nurse Donna to a semi nude Viking berserker high on mushrooms and lust for blood.
The Orderly premiered at Auckland’s Herald Theatre in March 2006. Following its successful run it was commissioned by Auckland Museum to be part of their 2006 Viking Exhibition. Surrounded by rare Viking artefacts brought around the world from Scandinavia, one could hardly have wished for a better way of setting the atmosphere for the return of The Orderly. The result was a sell out season.
Michael Downey wrote The Orderly based on his experiences working as an orderly at Auckland’s North Shore Hospital.

“A Small and surprising gem”

Natasha Hay, Theatre reviewer for The Listener

“…The Orderly brilliantly succeeds in demonstrating how dreams of heroes serve to illuminate the banality of our everyday lives”


“Quality work, a story told on several levels, solo theatre as it should be.”

Capital Times

Written & Performed by
Michael Downey

Directed by
Anders Falstie-Jensen

Lighting design
Bonnie Burrill

Set design
Rachael Walker

Sound design
Jared Neems

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