The Bomb

Are you a leader or do you need to be led?

The Trailer is online! Watch it here

From a worn down missile silo in a godforsaken former Soviet republic a 50 megaton thermonuclear warhead has found its way to Lisa and Peter’s living room. It’s armed, the timer is set, everything is going according to plan. But then Lisa gets second thoughts. Is vaporising Auckland taking things a bit too far?
Featuring napalm carrying suicide skydivers and a big nuclear weapon in the hands of a mysterious organisation called The Children of Gaia, The Bomb is a dark and thought provoking comedy. It is about fanaticism. It’s about hoping the people that lead you know what they’re doing. It’s about being able to make a decision. Hopefully the right one.
The Rebel Alliance is delighted to present a new play about wanting to change the world. Right now.

“The Rebel Alliance consolidates its reputation for productions that offer a quirky alternative to mainstream theatre”

- NZ Herald

“As the clocks ticks down the bar raises higher with more startling and unexpected theatrical effects…”


Written and Directed by
Anders Falstie-Jensen

Liesha Ward Knox, Russell Pickering, Catherine Nola, Michael Downey, Jo Lees & Richard Rugg

Lighting Design
Bonnie Burrill

Set Design
Stephen Bain

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