Keep the pace!

3 actors on 3 treadmills for 60min. It’s a simple as that in Standstill. Inspired by true stories this sweaty black comedy had the critics raving when it premiered at the 2011 Auckland Fringe Festival.

“Writer, Director and producer Anders Falstie-Jensen has woven and impressively crafted, snappily-written, whole out of snippets of modern life”

- NZ Herald

“I have suspicion that if Standstill had premiered in Britain it would be hailed an instant contemporary classic”


Doctors, hairdressers, German tourists and world champion cyclists, it’s all there in a sweat dripping snapshot of modern life that will leave you breathless.


Andi Crown (August Osage County), Jonny Brugh (The Second Test) & Josephine Stewart Tewhiu (Chalk)


Lighting Design:
Rob McDonald


Written and Directed by:
Anders Falstie-Jensen

Note of interest: When Standstill premiered at the 2011 Auckland Festival the cast consisted of Catherine Nola, Brian Moore and Candice de Villiers

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